Tag: writing

  • Head in the Clouds

    I’m working on a new song called “Eyelashes”. Looking forward to sharing it with you soon. Here I am in Lichtenberg today, with my head in the clouds. Photo by Alison Bell.

  • Living in the Spotlight

    Here you have a new song called “Living in the Spotlight”. A demo with no distinct purpose except to satisfy a need to write. It was recorded in my kitchen, between March and April, with my wife and sleeping children in the next room. I hope you like it.

  • Working on the Weekend

    I did more writing this weekend and it quickly grew apparent that a MIDI keyboard and Logic plugins are not for me. I threw the MIDI keyboard into the bassinet and broke out my KORG Minilogue XD. When I started to play around with it, the melodies started to flow, so I kept layering parts…

  • Friday Night Writing

    Last night I set up shop in my kitchen to see if I could squeeze out a song while the kiddies slept. As you can see, I’ve got a Novation Bass Station II and an Arturia DrumBrute Impact going through an Arturia AudioFuse. All of these are easy to use, but this was the wrong…

  • Neon Nursery

    Last night I was invited to do some writing with Damian Press at Neon Nursery, his studio in Charlottenburg. It’s an amazing space with great gear and Damian is a dream to work with. Check out the photos below to get a feel for the space. The session finished at 1am, and when I got…