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  • Hotel Room

    Unused promo shot, 2003.

  • Infinite Nights

    Happy Birthday to The Blood Arm‘s fourth album “Infinite Nights”- released on this day in 2013!  Written largely on laptops when we first moved to Berlin, the record took an introspective and experimental turn. There’s something for everybody here- hard rockers, acoustic ballads, bedroom pop and even a surf workout. The album was made in…

  • SXSW 2007

    Here are some wild photos from The Blood Arm‘s performance at SXSW in 2007. A big thank you goes to Andrea Augustin for sharing these.

  • Ten Years in Berlin

    Ten years ago today, I moved from Los Angeles to Berlin in search of a better life. I’m happy to report that I found it. A big kiss goes to my wife Alison Bell for expanding my horizons.  Endless thank yous go to my best pal Dyan Valdés, who got here first.  Zebastian Carlisle and…