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  • 2022 Faves

    2022 Faves

    I’m here for you: I’ve put up a playlist of my fave tracks of 2022 thus far. This includes Pusha T , Wet Leg , Automatic, Brezel Göring, Gene Galaxo , Cate Le Bon , Die Sterne , Lizzo and lots more. Link’s right here. Have a nice weekend! 🍦

  • Greetings from Weissensee

    Greetings from Weissensee

    Greetings from Weissensee! We’ve settled nicely into our new home, so I’ve put together this little playlist as a meditation on domestic life in Berlin, Germany. Love, marriage, kids, sleep deprivation – it’s all there! I hope you like it. Listen here.

  • DJ Santa

    DJ Santa

    I’m making a playlist. Checking it twice. You’re gonna find out who’s naughty and nice. I’m at Das Gift till late tonight. Stop by. Thanks goes to Shameless Limitless.

  • Criminal Crew

    I’m changing the direction of Selfie Playlist to focus on new music: Indie, Punk, DIY, Lo-Fi and Pop. I’ve also been writing a review of each song on Instagram and Twitter. If you like that sort of thing, please consider giving me a follow. I hope you enjoy the tunes as much as I do.…

  • Selfie Playlist 5

    Batten down the hatches! In December, the German government enforced another lockdown. That was fine by me, we’ve got a baby coming and it was a good opportunity to prepare ourselves for her arrival. When we weren’t listening to Christmas music, the soundtrack was 60s soul from New Orleans, inspired by Irma Thomas’ classic ’It’s…

  • Selfie Playlist 3: Morrissey Dance Party

    Back in L.A. there are parties dedicated to Morrissey and The Smiths at venues around town. For October’s Selfie Playlist, I wanted to capture those feelings of youthful abandon, togetherness and community that those parties represent. So, imagine you are on the dance floor of The Echo in Los Angeles, beer in hand, surrounded by…

  • Selfie Playlist 2: Funky 80s

    Every day I take a selfie. Every day I pick a song. This month, I lost my funky mind and took a deep dive into the 80s. You’ll hear drum machines, synth bass lines, vocoders and more hooks than Mike Tyson could throw. This is my Selfie Playlist for September 2020. Enjoy! Selfie Playlist 2:…