Criminal Crew

I’m changing the direction of Selfie Playlist to focus on new music: Indie, Punk, DIY, Lo-Fi and Pop. I’ve also been writing a review of each song on Instagram and Twitter. If you like that sort of thing, please consider giving me a follow. I hope you enjoy the tunes as much as I do. Listen here.

Selfie Playlist 8: Criminal Crew

  1. Criminal Crew – The Chisel
  2. Weekend at Bernies – SNOOZERS
  3. Albatross Baby – GospelbeacH
  4. Strong Feelings – Dry Cleaning
  5. I Don’t Wanna Stand Up – Bobby Ramone
  6. Drifting Around – DJ City
  7. What’s Worse – Strapontin, Zilas on Acid
  8. I Can See You – Sophia Kennedy
  9. No Mutuals – Fake Fruit
  10. Schatze – Ohtis, Stef Chura
  11. Russian Winter – Tamar Aphek
  12. Cigarette Packet – Sorry
  13. Pussy Mask – Peaches
  14. Don’t Call Me Baby – Ghost Pony

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