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  • Happy Birthday, Ali Bell!

    Happy Birthday, Ali Bell!

    Happy Birthday Weekend, Ali Bell! We spent the evening with my in-laws at Piano Salon Christophori, listening to Nadezda Pisareva play Rachmaninoff, Chopin and Schumann. That was followed by a nightcap at Café Dujardin and then back home to the kiddies. All in all a great night and weekend and it was so much fun…

  • Eyelashes – Song for Lucille Ball

    I’ve written and demoed a new tune called “Eyelashes – Song for Lucille Ball”. Would you like to hear it? Listen here. Photo by Alison Bell.

  • Ten Years in Berlin

    Ten years ago today, I moved from Los Angeles to Berlin in search of a better life. I’m happy to report that I found it. A big kiss goes to my wife Alison Bell for expanding my horizons.  Endless thank yous go to my best pal Dyan Valdés, who got here first.  Zebastian Carlisle and…