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  • The Blood Arm at Kesselhaus

    The Blood Arm at Kesselhaus

    Hanging out in Berlin, 2009. Have a great weekend, y’all.

  • Wine Boot

    Wine Boot

    Have a great weekend, y’all. Photo by Kathi Tasser.

  • Glasgow 2006

    Glasgow 2006

    Here I am, at the center of The Blood Arm storm in 2006. Glasgow was always a favorite stop of ours, and this concert at King Tut’s was a scorcher. I love checking out the indie kids of sixteen years ago. It’s wonderful to look at this photo now, because pulling a stunt like this…

  • Madame Jojo’s

    Madame Jojo’s

    Basking under blue light at the legendary-London-nightclub Madame Jojo’s, 2011. We were performing “Angela”. “AngelaHave you ever seen the light at dawnInside the apartment ofA hopeless homewrecker?” Photo by Joel Isaac Black.

  • The Cribs & Johnny Marr

    The Cribs & Johnny Marr

    The sunset strip wasn’t really our scene, but in 2009, when the The Cribs and Johnny Marr called, we came running. The Roxy is a legendary L.A. venue, and a stopping point for huge acts, so it was exciting for us to play there. Naturally, we tore it up. Photo by Dyan Valdés.

  • Recording Infinite Nights

    Recording Infinite Nights

    In 2012, Nicky Walsh came into the studio to capture the recording of The Blood Arm‘s fourth album Infinite Nights. We were tense—the photos show that. It’s awkward to have a stranger come into the studio, but the results were fantastic, and we’re delighted to have these images now. I hope you enjoy this little…

  • Hotel Room

    Unused promo shot, 2003.

  • Manchester, 2006

    Check out these photos from November 29, 2006 at Manchester’s Night and Day Cafe. It was my twenty-seventh birthday. Read a review of the show: THE BLOOD ARM take to the stage with true finesse, a stadium-style drumbeat is accompanied by a voice over intro from a shirtless sweaty man – who it transpires is…

  • Dolores Delivers a Glorious Death

    I love this “fake LP cover” for The Blood Arm‘s song “Dolores Delivers a Glorious Death” by Godiva Ghoul. It’s the last song on our second album Lie Lover Lie. Check it out wherever you stream your music and don’t forget to give Godiva Ghoul a follow on Instagram and Twitter for more excellent artwork.

  • Infinite Nights

    Happy Birthday to The Blood Arm‘s fourth album “Infinite Nights”- released on this day in 2013!  Written largely on laptops when we first moved to Berlin, the record took an introspective and experimental turn. There’s something for everybody here- hard rockers, acoustic ballads, bedroom pop and even a surf workout. The album was made in…