Bountiful Hearts

Four Star Review

Thanks for the stellar review of Keep It! Read the English version below:

The impulsive title track at the start alone is worth listening to this EP! Yes, short-playing records are finding it easier and easier to appear fresh and compact. It’s easier to listen to the songs more than once. But with these just ten minutes, variety is successfully demonstrated and the desire for an upcoming album is made! Okay, maybe you can reduce the Spanish a bit… That’s why the monument on the YouTube thumbnail is very close to me!

Keep It Wild is available everywhere via RIP Ben Lee Records. Watch the video here.


Mask of Honor – “El Ganador”

An Australian, a German and an American (of Mexican and Salvadoran descent) walk into a Berlin studio and write a song. What does it sound like?

The song is called “El Ganador” and it’s in Spanish. It was recorded for the film “Mask of Honor” directed by Dieter Primig. The aforementioned co-writers are Damian Press and Philip Eisenfeldt of Neon Nursery and it sounds awesome!

Listen to “El Ganador” anywhere you stream music. I’ve also added the song to my Discography playlist. Listen via Spotify and Apple Music.

Have a great weekend!