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  • Big Day Out

    Big Day Out

    Saw The Stones and visited the Mick Jagger statue at Big Day Out in Dartford today. I also saw some dinosaurs. I’ll leave the puns to you but it was a fantastic day.

  • 42nd Birthday

    42nd Birthday

    Thanks, everyone, for all the kind birthday wishes. I’m forty-two now, so I need to stay extra warm, just like Paul Simon and Mick Jagger. Special thanks goes to my wife Ali Bell, my two beautiful children and my buddies Dyan Valdés, Nathan Ihara, Zebastian Carlisle, Bernd Diekjobst and Elisa Bischoff for making the day…

  • Manchester, 2006

    Check out these photos from November 29, 2006 at Manchester’s Night and Day Cafe. It was my twenty-seventh birthday. Read a review of the show: THE BLOOD ARM take to the stage with true finesse, a stadium-style drumbeat is accompanied by a voice over intro from a shirtless sweaty man – who it transpires is…