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  • Keep It Wild Video

    Happy Friday the 13th! The Keep It Wild EP is now available on all streaming services via RIP Ben Lee Records. It was directed by Ray Mann in Berlin last summer and I absolutely love it. Take a look. Special thanks to everyone who made this EP possible, first and foremost David Newton, Joel Isaac…

  • Out of Key

    Out of Key

    Here are Thee Nathaniel Fregoso & the Bountiful Hearts at Three Clubs in 2011, playing a song from the Keep It Wild EP called “Out of Key”. This iteration of the band included Randy Billings on guitar, Becky Gebhardt on bass and Joel Isaac Black on drums. What a lucky guy I am to have…

  • What’s the Deal?

    What’s the Deal?

    What’s the deal with Keep It Wild? Twelve years ago, I started recording an album with David Newton at Rollercoaster Recording in Burbank, California. Dave played bass, Joel Isaac Black played drums and I played guitar and keys. We were lucky to get Jessica Espeleta to lay down lead guitar on a few tracks. My…

  • New York City, 2009

    New York City, 2009

    Photo by Joel Isaac Black.

  • Neukölln, 2011

    Neukölln, 2011

    Back in 2011, when posing in front of a gun shop seemed like a good idea. Photo by Nat Davies.

  • Everyone But You

    Everyone But You

    Here’s Joel Isaac Black in 2011, masterfully using a vintage Akai sampler. You can hear the sampler at the top of our song “Everyone But You” off of our self-titled debut album. The album was recorded at The Cave Studio in L.A. with Josiah Mazzaschi producing. Josiah was wonderful to work with and entertained every…

  • White Trash Fast Food, 2011

    White Trash Fast Food, 2011

    2011: Fresh off the airplane and into the Keller. Joel Isaac Black comes in from Dallas and we put together a band, consisting of Jack Wharton and Adam Neal of Eight Legs. Afterwards, we DJ with Dyan Valdes at one of White Trаsh Fast Food ‘s legendary indie parties. We quickly learned that we weren’t…

  • Ten Years in Berlin

    Ten years ago today, I moved from Los Angeles to Berlin in search of a better life. I’m happy to report that I found it. A big kiss goes to my wife Alison Bell for expanding my horizons.  Endless thank yous go to my best pal Dyan Valdés, who got here first.  Zebastian Carlisle and…

  • Recording at The Cave

    Here are a few shots of the Bountiful Hearts recording at Josiah Mazzaschi’s The Cave, back in L.A., October 2010. This is the lineup that helped me develop the songs on Thee Nathaniel Fregoso & the Bountiful Hearts. Randy Billings, Becky Gebhardt and Joel Isaac Black are all extremely talented musicians who poured their energy…

  • Bountiful Hearts DE

    Here you have portraits of Bountiful Hearts DE which featured Robert Kerner on guitar, Dino Gollnick on bass and Joel Isaac Black on drums. These were taken before our gig at the former Bang Bang Club in Kreuzberg which is now called Maze. Our album will be released via RIP Ben Lee Records on 30.…