Bountiful Hearts

Creative Process

How did we come up with the idea for the Keep It Wild video? It all comes down to Ray Mann‘s inventiveness and skill. We spent months developing the Wolf character, scheduling meetings between my work and family responsibilities. I was able to quickly spitball ideas and Ray had the experience to tell me what worked and what didn’t, adding some great references along the way. Scroll through for a look into the creative process and watch the video here.

  1. Still from Keep It Wild
  2. Character references
  3. Highlight from Ray’s notebook
  4. Music video references
  5. Location scouting with my newborn daughter

Thanks for knocking it out of the park, Ray!

Bountiful Hearts

Four Star Review

Thanks for the stellar review of Keep It! Read the English version below:

The impulsive title track at the start alone is worth listening to this EP! Yes, short-playing records are finding it easier and easier to appear fresh and compact. It’s easier to listen to the songs more than once. But with these just ten minutes, variety is successfully demonstrated and the desire for an upcoming album is made! Okay, maybe you can reduce the Spanish a bit… That’s why the monument on the YouTube thumbnail is very close to me!

Keep It Wild is available everywhere via RIP Ben Lee Records. Watch the video here.

Bountiful Hearts

Keep It Wild Release Party

Ali Bell and I went to Fellini Pizza this weekend to celebrate the release of Keep It Wild. So far, the feedback has been incredible. Thank you for all the kind words.

Watch the Keep It Wild video here.

Listen to the EP everywhere via RIP Ben Lee Records.

Bountiful Hearts

Keep It Wild Video

Happy Friday the 13th! The Keep It Wild EP is now available on all streaming services via RIP Ben Lee Records. It was directed by Ray Mann in Berlin last summer and I absolutely love it. Take a look.

Special thanks to everyone who made this EP possible, first and foremost David Newton, Joel Isaac Black, Jessica Espeleta and David Alexander. Without these fine musicians I’d be pissing in the wind.

Viktoria Cichon did an incredible job with the artwork and Bernd Diekjobst made sure to capture my good side for the press photos. Thank you.

Bite it Promotion are crushing the PR side, State 51 have done a fantastic job with distribution and I‘ve even managed a few sales via Bandcamp, so thanks to them too.

Of course, I can’t do anything without the love and support of my wife Ali Bell who has seen releases come and go like sunsets and still loves me whether they are successful or not – I appreciate that.

I’ll have more news for you next week, but please enjoy the EP and video, and leave feedback in the comments. Have a great weekend.

Bountiful Hearts

Out of Key

Here are Thee Nathaniel Fregoso & the Bountiful Hearts at Three Clubs in 2011, playing a song from the Keep It Wild EP called “Out of Key”. This iteration of the band included Randy Billings on guitar, Becky Gebhardt on bass and Joel Isaac Black on drums. What a lucky guy I am to have played with such great musicians! Watch this rocket-fueled version below.

Keep It Wild comes out this Friday via RIP Ben Lee Records.

Video by Al Pavangkanan.

Bountiful Hearts

What’s the Deal?

What’s the deal with Keep It Wild? Twelve years ago, I started recording an album with David Newton at Rollercoaster Recording in Burbank, California. Dave played bass, Joel Isaac Black played drums and I played guitar and keys. We were lucky to get Jessica Espeleta to lay down lead guitar on a few tracks. My brother, David Alexander, even played acoustic guitar on a cover. I was excited about the album and we were well on our way.

For various reasons, recording came to a halt and the tracks lay dormant on a hard drive. During 2020’s lockdown, I rediscovered the songs and put together the best of them for the Keep It Wild EP which will be released this Friday the 13th via RIP Ben Lee Records. Not many photos exist from this time, but today I am happy to share a few shots with you, in the hope that you get a sense of time and place. Jackie was a big part of the process as usual. Scroll through for a peek. And yes, that’s Kim Fowley in that last shot.

A big thank you goes to Dave, Bekki Netwon, Joel and Jessica, without whom I couldn’t have finished these songs. I’m still really proud of them.

Bountiful Hearts

Keep It Wild – Teaser 4

One week to go until the Keep It Wild EP is unleashed into the world via RIP Ben Lee Records. Here you have the fourth and final trailer and what a fantastic journey it has been. I can’t wait to share this song and video with you!

Today is Bandcamp Friday which means that Bandcamp waives their revenue share, so anything you order on their website goes directly to the artist – that’s me. It’s a good day to pre-order the Keep It Wild EP and, if you don’t already own it, our debut album. You can find them here.

Thanks and have a great weekend!

Teaser 4 directed by Ray Mann.

Bountiful Hearts

Keep It Wild – Teaser 3

My new EP, Keep It Wild, comes out Friday 13. May via RIP Ben Lee Records. Here’s a third teaser promoting the video. My advice for the weekend is – make sure you own a sharp suit. The people at Bonne Suits make a fine one.

Pre-order Keep It Wild on Bandcamp.

Teaser 3 directed by Ray Mann.


Art with My Daughter

My daughter and I had a nice visit to Hamburger Bahnhof today. Scroll through for some excellent charcoal drawings by Bussaraporn Thongchai. It’s always exciting for me to see art and I’m glad I can share that passion with my daughter.



I saw a fantastic concert last night – Sparks at Metropol Berlin. What an inspiring band! If you have an opportunity to check them out, don’t miss it! Scroll through for a few photos from the gig.

A huge thank you goes to Dyan Valdés for taking me to the show and snapping this pic.

What’s your favorite Sparks song? Mine’s “Mickey Mouse” from Angst in My Pants.