My name is Nathaniel Fregoso and I am a singer, songwriter and educator based in Berlin, Germany. I do a few other things too, but you can read about those in my bio.

Photo by Bernd Diekjobst.

On this site, you will find samples of my work in music, film, television and radio. Check out my latest release. It’s called Keep It Wild:

Artwork by Viktoria CichoĊ„.

I produced a video for the first single and I think it’s pretty fun. We shot it in front of famous Berlin landmarks, and I’m dressed up as a wolf for most of it. Watch it below:

Directed by Ray Mann.

Are you interested in hearing more of my music? Then check out this Spotify playlist. That’s eight albums, four EPs and a slew of singles.

Photo by Bernd Diekjobst.

If you’d like to get in touch, feel free to drop me a line here. Thanks for visiting.