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  • Pitfire Review

    Pitfire Review

    I’m grateful for all the positive press for Keep It Wild! The EP is available to stream everywhere and if you haven’t seen the video yet, it’s here. Check out this great review from Pitfire: Mr. Fregoso has been hanging around in the indie rock underground of Berlin for a long time and has been…

  • Westzeit Review

    Westzeit Review

    Wonderful print review of Keep It Wild from Westzeit. Read the translation below and watch the video for the song here.  “Keep It Wild” is an EP, but also a ‘Best of Album’. Not a ‘best of’ album, mind you, but a selection of songs from a record that should have been released in 2009.…

  • Thoughts Words Action

    Thoughts Words Action

    What a great way to start the week! Thank you Thoughts Words Action for this fantastic review of the Keep It Wild EP. Read an excerpt of the review below and don’t forget to watch the video here. “…it’s a perfect release to start the working week with, mainly because each composition is a pure…