True Blue Music

Last night I was back in the studio with Joel Isaac Black and Jeremy Black of True Blue Music. We knocked out a vocal for an upcoming film project, and afterwards, blew off a little steam on some Lime Scooters. Baby, we were born to ride!

The Blood Arm

Recording Infinite Nights

In 2012, Nicky Walsh came into the studio to capture the recording of The Blood Arm‘s fourth album Infinite Nights.

We were tense—the photos show that. It’s awkward to have a stranger come into the studio, but the results were fantastic, and we’re delighted to have these images now.

I hope you enjoy this little peek into our recording process.


Neon Nursery

Last night I was invited to do some writing with Damian Press at Neon Nursery, his studio in Charlottenburg. It’s an amazing space with great gear and Damian is a dream to work with. Check out the photos below to get a feel for the space. The session finished at 1am, and when I got home, I fell asleep instantly, happy to have used my songwriting muscles again.

Thee Nathaniel Fregoso & the Bountiful Hearts

Recording at The Cave

Here are a few shots of the Bountiful Hearts recording at Josiah Mazzaschi’s The Cave, back in L.A., October 2010. This is the lineup that helped me develop the songs on Thee Nathaniel Fregoso & the Bountiful Hearts. Randy Billings, Becky Gebhardt and Joel Isaac Black are all extremely talented musicians who poured their energy and magic into the album and made it something special. Listen to it this Friday on your favorite streaming service via R.I.P. Ben Lee Records.