Mexican Radio

Happy Birthday, Mexican Radio

Happy 4th Birthday to Mexican Radio’s self-titled debut album. Stream it via RIP Ben Lee Records or buy the LP on Bandcamp.

Photos by Nora Heinisch.
Design by Timm Hartmann.



Congratulations goes to my favourite songwriter Dyan Valdés on the release of her debut album today! Stand is available via R.I.P. Ben Lee Records on all streaming platforms as well as Bandcamp. Please support Berlin’s hardest-working musician and buy this beautiful album here.


DJ Set at Das Gift

Next Friday, I’m DJing at Das Gift: indie, punk and rock & roll from 10:30pm until very very late. I’ll also be spinning my favorite local artists: Dyan Valdés, Shy Bits, Laura Lee & the Jettes and Ghost Pony. Won’t you come down and say hi?

Link to the FB event is here.

Thank you Shameless Limitless.

Photo by Bernd Diekjobst.


42nd Birthday

Thanks, everyone, for all the kind birthday wishes. I’m forty-two now, so I need to stay extra warm, just like Paul Simon and Mick Jagger.

Special thanks goes to my wife Ali Bell, my two beautiful children and my buddies Dyan Valdés, Nathan Ihara, Zebastian Carlisle, Bernd Diekjobst and Elisa Bischoff for making the day so special. I feel very lucky to be surrounded by such wonderful friends and family.

Scroll through for a few highlights.


Die Sterne at SO36

What a joy to see live music again! The name of the band is Die Sterne, they are absolute legends, and last night at SO36, they knocked my socks off. Scroll through for some wonderful live shots and backstage antics.

A big thank you goes out to Frank Spilker and Dyan Valdes for arranging the guest list. I’m still wearing my Die Sterne t-shirt and I’m not planning on taking it off anytime soon. Ich muss gar nix.


Congratulations, Dyan!

Congratulations to my longtime creative partner, Dyan Valdés , on her debut as a solo artist! If you haven’t heard it yet, please listen to her magnificent new single “Fade Away” via R.I.P. Ben Lee Records. It’s fantastic!

Here we are, a few years back, at a Stereo Total concert. Scroll through to see a bit of our music-loving and music-making history: The Strokes, Nick Cave, The Blood Arm and Mexican Radio. It’s been a wild ride and I’m happy she’s rocking on her own now!

Photos by Maurice de la Falaise, Joe Dilworth, Nora Heinisch, Andrea Augustin, Petra Valdimarsdóttir

Bountiful Hearts

White Trash Fast Food, 2011

2011: Fresh off the airplane and into the Keller. Joel Isaac Black comes in from Dallas and we put together a band, consisting of Jack Wharton and Adam Neal of Eight Legs. Afterwards, we DJ with Dyan Valdes at one of White Trаsh Fast Food ‘s legendary indie parties. We quickly learned that we weren’t in L.A. anymore. The night raged on. Check out the photo evidence below.

Photos by Nilina Mason-Campbell , Ali Bell

The Blood Arm

Berlin Reguided

Photos and write up courtesy of Ryan Balmer of Berlin Reguided:

In the summer of of 2012, The Blood Arm attempted an afternoon tour of Berlin’s U8 line, playing one song on the platform of each station. The 2nd picture shows them getting busted by the BVG and the 3rd pic is them finishing the tour outside the last stop on the line, Hermannstrasse.

The Blood Arm

Hotel Room

Unused promo shot, 2003.

The Blood Arm

Infinite Nights

Happy Birthday to The Blood Arm‘s fourth album “Infinite Nights”- released on this day in 2013! 

Written largely on laptops when we first moved to Berlin, the record took an introspective and experimental turn. There’s something for everybody here- hard rockers, acoustic ballads, bedroom pop and even a surf workout. The album was made in the early days of crowdfunding, and since it was paid for by fans, we still hold it close to our hearts. 

Released via R.I.P. Ben Lee Records , “Infinite Nights” spawned two singles, the guitar-driven “Midnight Moan” and the gonzo-country-romp “Matters of the Heart”. Follow the link in our bio to see the videos for both, directed by Ivan Flugelman . CD copies of this album are still available via The Blood Arm’s website

Polaroids by James Perou.

Live shot by Bekki Newton.

Album artwork by Matthew Wheeler.

Illustrations by Bárbara Fonseca.