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  • Gorillaz


    I had a great time at the Gorillaz concert at Parkbühne Wuhlheide this weekend. A massive thank you goes to Brit Bee and Nathan Ihara for facilitating these magical moments. Scroll through for a peek. 轢 轢 轢

  • Sparks


    I saw a fantastic concert last night – Sparks at Metropol Berlin. What an inspiring band! If you have an opportunity to check them out, don’t miss it! Scroll through for a few photos from the gig. A huge thank you goes to Dyan Valdés for taking me to the show and snapping this pic.…

  • The Blood Arm at Kesselhaus

    The Blood Arm at Kesselhaus

    Hanging out in Berlin, 2009. Have a great weekend, y’all.

  • Glasgow 2006

    Glasgow 2006

    Here I am, at the center of The Blood Arm storm in 2006. Glasgow was always a favorite stop of ours, and this concert at King Tut’s was a scorcher. I love checking out the indie kids of sixteen years ago. It’s wonderful to look at this photo now, because pulling a stunt like this…

  • Die Sterne at SO36

    Die Sterne at SO36

    What a joy to see live music again! The name of the band is Die Sterne, they are absolute legends, and last night at SO36, they knocked my socks off. Scroll through for some wonderful live shots and backstage antics. A big thank you goes out to Frank Spilker and Dyan Valdes for arranging the…

  • Madame Jojo’s

    Madame Jojo’s

    Basking under blue light at the legendary-London-nightclub Madame Jojo’s, 2011. We were performing “Angela”. “AngelaHave you ever seen the light at dawnInside the apartment ofA hopeless homewrecker?” Photo by Joel Isaac Black.

  • U8 Concert

    In 2012, The Blood Arm held a concert on Berlin’s U8 subway line and played a different song at every stop. This was to promote our album Infinite Nights. Admission was the cost of a ticket. Eventually, the BVG stopped the concert and a small riot ensued. Watch video of it here.

  • SXSW 2007

    Here are some wild photos from The Blood Arm‘s performance at SXSW in 2007. A big thank you goes to Andrea Augustin for sharing these.

  • ‘Oh Baby!’ Video

    We were opening for Allah-Las at Columbia Theater Berlin. During our soundcheck we made the ‘Oh Baby!’ video. It took about 15 minutes. We were so rushed, I didn’t have time to take the “hearing protection” (aka toilet paper) out of my ears. I think it perfectly captures that excited-soundcheck feeling. Watch it below. Directed…