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  • Big Day Out

    Big Day Out

    Saw The Stones and visited the Mick Jagger statue at Big Day Out in Dartford today. I also saw some dinosaurs. I’ll leave the puns to you but it was a fantastic day.

  • 2022 Faves

    2022 Faves

    I’m here for you: I’ve put up a playlist of my fave tracks of 2022 thus far. This includes Pusha T , Wet Leg , Automatic, Brezel Göring, Gene Galaxo , Cate Le Bon , Die Sterne , Lizzo and lots more. Link’s right here. Have a nice weekend! 🍦

  • Fête de la Musique 2022

    Fête de la Musique 2022

    Fête de la Musique 2022: there was a 30-minute window after the kids went to sleep for me to catch live music. I walked across the street to Bildungs- und Kulturzentrum Peter Edel in Weißensee and listened to some classical pieces played by Yanick Rafalimanana (my neighbor) and Inmo Yang. They were fantastic. It’s great…

  • Happy New Year 2022

    Happy New Year 2022

    Happy New Year! Let’s keeping it swinging in 2022. Photo by Alison Bell.