Selfie Playlist

Ethiopian Valentine

I started listening to Ethiopian Jazz after seeing Jim Jarmusch’s excellent film Broken Flowers in 2005. The scenes of Bill Murray in his car, listening to mix tapes of Mulatu Astatke, really stuck with me and I was instantly hooked. February’s playlist is an exploration of late-60s-early-70s-golden-era Ethio-Jazz along with some modern interpretations from artists such as Karl Hector and the Malcouns, The Budos Band and Akalé Wubé. This playlist is perfect for long drives, but I mostly listened at home, rocking my daughter to sleep. Give it a spin here.

Selfie Playlist 7: Ethiopian Valentine

  1. The Snake – Péroké
  2. Kingdom of D’mt – Karl Hector & the Malcouns
  3. Raga Rock – The Braz Gonsalves 7
  4. Elephant – The Sorcerers
  5. Addis Ababa – Zafari
  6. Almaz Yeharerwa – Getatchew Mekurya
  7. Yesega Wat – Debre Damo Dining Orchestra
  8. Sof Layla (Ba Hoodna) – Hoodna Orchestra
  9. Anbessa – Akalé Wubé, Manu Dibango
  10. Yèkatit – Mulatu Astatke
  11. Origin of Man – The Budos Band
  12. Jawa Jawa – Akalé Wubé
  13. Sad Nile – The Polyversal Souls, Hailu Mergia
  14. Mulatu – Mulatu Astatke, The Heliocentrics
  15. Sidama de Cali – Todd Simon, The Angel City All Star Brass Band
  16. Ethiopia Hagere – Getatchew Mekurya, The Ex
  17. Alemnesh (Instrumental) – Badume’s Band, Selamnesh Zemene
  18. Heywete – Tesfa-maryam Kidane
  19. Kulunmanqueleshi – Mulatu Astatke
  20. Wede Harer Guzo – Hailu Mergia, Dahlak Band

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